Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie Filming and Commercial!!

Meet Mighty Dog Jesse!! Star of Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie premiering in 2010!
Filming for Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie!!
September 18th, 2009 was the filming shoot for Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie!! It was so much fun, and I am so proud of my little Mighty Dog Jesse =o) The camera crew came to our house the day before to meet Jesse, go over some of the scenes, and do a walkthrough of the house, and boy were there TONS of people! Jesse was super excited to greet them all, and did the Budkin-dance =o) He even performed some of his tricks for them. They were all super friendly, and we couldn’t wait to get started with the taping! So the next day, the local production crew came to our house a few hours earlier to set up in our garage, and to meet Jesse (they didn’t come the previous day). I did some last minute grooming on Jesse, and then we were ready to start the filming!
The first scene we decided to tape was Jesse on the bed, looking out the front window watching over the house. So the camera crew set up in the bonus room, and I stood off to the left, and cued him to put his paws up on the window ledge. They wanted him to watch the postman deliver a package. So they had the “postman” on a mark, and cued him to start walking. Jesse put his paws up on the ledge, and watched him go by =o) Then he was supposed to jump off from the ledge as soon as the postman walks out of scene. After we got this scene down, we headed out to the front door to start the filming of Jesse looking for me returning from the store. Jesse put his paws up on the front window seal, and they wanted him to look out and as I returned, come outside to pick-up the package, and bring it inside. So they shot this scene in different sections. Ashley was my double, as I cued Jesse =o) Jesse did absolutely wonderful! Then we shot the scenes of Jesse shutting the door, then dropping a package by “my” feet (double Ashley!). After we got this scene, we set Jesse up on a tape mark so they could get some Head Shots, and Barking pictures. They even got some of Jess taking a bow =o)
Their camera is awesome! I saw some of the shots they took, and was really impressed. I wish I had a camera like that one =o) Then we headed out to the backyard to get some video and shots of Jesse barking at Kaine, as if to say he isn’t afraid of him =o) They did absolutely wonderful! So Kaine got his own little cameo too, Ashley was very happy!! Then they taped Jesse patrolling the yard. He added his own twist to it; when I set him up on his mark and released him, he put his paws up on the gate, and peered out through the bars at the park!! =o) Then he “patrolled” the back gate. They then set up a camera man on the outside of the gate to get a close up of Jesse peering through the gate. He was super cute!
Next they wanted Jesse patrolling around the wood pile, so I asked Jess, “Where are the lizards?” and he went to searching for them!
Jesse took a Mighty Power Nap while the crew set up for another scene. After he rested for a bit, we taped Jesse shutting the front door again so they could have a night scene as well. Then we went back to the bonus room window for a night scene of Jesse looking frantically around for a mysterious creature in the front yard. I was on the outside of the window this time, and Jesse really wanted to get to me, so they got this seen pretty quickly. We took a dinner break and had some pizza. This time ‘lil Budkin didn’t sleep, he chewed on a wholesome hide. They set up cameras in the Bonus Room to do an Interview with me and Jesse. Then once the interview was done, they wanted to tape Jesse’s sound effects. So everyone was cued to be super quiet since they were now taping sound. We went into the living room, and I cued Jesse to speak, then growl, then a lower speak, and we added some grunts and whines in there too =o) Then we headed into the backyard to tape some more sound effects. I cued Jess to perform the same effect inside, and then they wanted Jesse walking around on the rocks by himself. So I lured him around on the rocks for his own feet sounds =o) Once they got Jesse’s sound effects, we headed to the front yard! They were filming a scene of the mysterious night creature, so I sat on the curb watching with Jess in my lap. Then Jess was up! The scene they needed was Jesse running from around the house to scare off the intruder. They lit the area with a fake street lamp, and put a palm in the view. It looked really cool! So I set Jesse up in the shadows, and cued him to come running out, and he had to stop and look around. It took a few takes, but Jesse did it =o) Then they taped him looking regal, with the light reflecting on his face and him looking intensely into the distance. He sat up on his own, and they loved that! Then they wanted Jesse to walk backwards into the shadow he came from. Then they wanted him to do some tricks on the rocks, so he twirled and did his beautiful Motion! (Hand stand walking). We finally finished taping everything, and they were very impressed with Jesse. I was super impressed with how wonderful he performed with all the people, and cameras. My dad took a picture of some of the crew at the end of the day. Most of the crew already left, but there were still lots for the group shot! Ashley took a picture of the crew set up in the garage. They had a ton of equipment! By the end of the taping, Jesse and I were EXHAUSTED! The whole day Jesse was alert, and didn’t want to miss anything. He kept looking at me as if saying, “Ready to Work! What’s next?” That's a Jack Russell Terrier for ya!! =o) But I wouldn't have it any other way ;o) We curled up on the couch, and fell asleep =o)
I am so proud of my little Mighty Dog Jesse, and can’t wait to see the commercial which will be airing on Thanksgiving Day, and the Movie which will be premiering in 2010! =0) Everyone was so nice, and we had such a wonderful time. We had so much fun working with everyone!
~Heather and Jesse~
P.S. Jesse and I didn't have much time to rest before we were flown out 3 days later to New York City to perform on the Late Show with David Letterman! Jesse performed his suitcase trick for the segment "Stupid Pet Tricks" I am going to be updating Jesse's website about our trip to New York City, and will be Blogging on here about it soon too =o) We had so much FUN!


  1. What night will you be on Letterman? Congratulations on all the exciting happenings!

  2. Congratulations!!! Jesse is a star!!

  3. Jesse did so well, all day shooting! How cute, he sleeps on his back awww!

  4. How much fun. We have the next Paul Newman of Jack Russells, only with brown eyes not blue.
    Good Job Jessie!

  5. Wow We, my little Jack Russell Terrier Diva and I, diva says she would love to have his puppies. Lol!


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