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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving today!

Jesse got some yummy turkey stew with cranberry and sweet potatoes to celebrate.
After a nice long walk, we are going to cuddle up on the couch to watch a dog movie =o) 
 Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

2 Days left to VOTE Jesse "Best Dog on YouTube"

There are only 2 days left to vote for Jesse in The Barkies
as the "Best Dog on YouTube"!

Please cast your Vote for Jesse by clicking the picture below, or using the direct URL:
Voting is easy, just make sure you hit the "Vote for Jesse the Jack" button after hitting "Go" for the vote to count :)
♥Thank you for all of your support!♥
Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Please help VOTE Jesse "Best Dog On YouTube" in The Barkies!

Jesse has been nominated for a Barkie in the "Best Dog On YouTube" category, and he needs your help! Please VOTE for Jesse by heading on over to the link below:
~Make sure to hit the “Vote for Jesse the Jack” button for the vote to count~
If Jesse wins, we will be able to donate $1,000 to a rescue or charity of our choice!
Voting is open until October 7th! (only a week left to vote)
**Thank you for all of your support ♥♥♥ **

Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Barkies "Best Dog on YouTube"

Jesse's been nominated for a Barkie in the "Best Dog on YouTube" Category!!
With your help, you can help we can win $1,000 for a rescue or organization! Please Vote for Jesse by clicking the image above,
or at the direct link below:
Voting is open daily and ends October 7th.
♥♥♥Thank you for all of your support!♥♥♥ 
Here are some of Jesse's YouTube Videos over the years :)
~Useful Dog Tricks~

~Amazing Dog Tricks~

~Useful Dog Tricks 3~

~Aerobics with Jesse~

~Cutest Puppy in World, Jesse~

You can see all of Jesse's videos by heading on over to
Jesse's YouTube Channel
Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

And we have a Winner!

After five days of voting for the button for the upcoming release of
"Jesse the Jack's ABC Zoo" learning ibook and Story & Game App;
we have a winner!
We received lots of votes from Facebook, Instagram, our Blog, Website, and Twitter, and the button that had the most votes was button #2!
With all your help, here is the winning button:
Thank you everyone so much for helping decide J

The App will be releasing Mid-October!!
More information to come soon~
Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~ 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Jesse the Jack's "ABC Zoo" App Button

With the release of Jesse the Jack's "ABC Zoo" learning ibook and Story & Game App coming soon, we need to decide on an app button for the release.
Instead of picking a button ourselves, we wanted to give Team Jesse a chance to have a say in which button should be chosen.
We've narrowed the choice down to the Top 4, but need your help to choose the winner. From now until Friday (August 22nd), comment which number you vote for below.
We'll announce the winning button next Monday!
Thank you for your help J
Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jesse the Jack’s “ABC Zoo”

We are super excited about this announcement!

"Coming this Fall”
Jesse the Jack’s “ABC Zoo” learning ibook and Story & Game App.
We will update with new information here when new information is released. J
Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~

Saturday, August 2, 2014

High Quality Food = A Happy, Healthy Dog!

What can your dog accomplish with great nutrition? Almost anything!
Having a healthy diet, that helps nourish the body, is the foundation to helping your dog live life to the fullest.
Finding the best food for your dog can be a challenge. While there are tons of high quality foods available today, there is no universal dog food perfectly formulated for every dog. The ingredients that go into our food, and what we feed ourselves and our family, is becoming much more of a concern in today’s society. And that change in what we feed our dogs, who are of course members of our family, is at the forefront of giving our dogs a happy and healthy life.
If you know me, it comes as no surprise that I only feed Jesse the best food I can find. I research extensively what ingredients go into his food, and won’t feed him a meal that I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating myself.
Jesse eats a variety of healthy foods, known as a rotation diet. I periodically rotate what I feed him; between high quality fresh food, wet food, and kibble. This gives him nutrition that helps fuel his body; making sure he isn’t inefficient in any areas by being on the same diet his whole life. He sure loves his food at mealtime!
I’m always interested in learning anything I can about nutrition in dogs, so when I heard about this Canadian company called Nutrience, I had to check them out. Nutrience has a wide range of high-quality foods! They have Nutrience Original, Natural, and a Grain-free variety as well. Each variety has different recipes, so you are sure to find a food that your dog will enjoy.
Jesse and I tried the Nutrience Grain Free Ocean Fish Formula, and boy does Jesse love it!
Each food is formulated with their "No Bad Anything" promise in mind, ensuring that each bag made is of the highest quality possible.
The ingredients are sourced only from the USA and Canada, and the food is family made and owned; allowing each recipe to personally be overseen by Nutrience.
Nutrience only adds healthy fats to their food, such as Fish and salmon oil, Flaxseed, and Coconut oil (depending on the recipe).
Looking over the Ocean Fish Formula made me happy because I knew I would be feeding Jesse a healthy and nutritious diet, just by looking at the ingredients.
This formula contains multi-fish protein, wholesome fruits and vegetables, and coconut oil with botanicals. Having a fish based diet is excellent for the skin and coat. This formula has a perfect blend of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids; which helps with cognitive function, strengthening the immune system, and helps reduce inflammation anywhere in the body.
Knowing that this food also got a 5-Star rating from Dog Food Advisor also gives me piece of mind. :)
Great nutrition is very important for a dog’s health and well-being. Having proper nutrition helps a dog have the energy to do whatever activities life throws their way! Jesse has a ton of energy, and loves participating in a variety of activities including playing Frisbee, lure coursing, swimming, learning tricks, playing at the beach, agility, and much, much more!

What happens when a dog is given good food to help fuel their body?

Having the right blend of nutrition helps Jesse flourish in any activity he participates in. :) With this in mind, we created a video to show what is possible with the foundation of great nutrition, and a happy and healthy dog:

We couldn't agree more with Nutrience's philosophy
"Nourish the body. Fuel the spirit"
You can connect with Nutrience by visiting

their Official Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

***Nutrience is now available on Amazon!***
Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~

This post is sponsored by Nutrience and the Pet Blogger Network. We are being compensated for helping spread the word about Nutrience, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nutrience is not responsible for the content of this article.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dog Fancy Magazine

Jesse is in the July Issue of Dog Fancy Magazine!!
Even before I brought Jesse home and started our journey together, I have been an avid reader and fan of Dog Fancy Magazine, so I am super excited Jesse was featured in their magazine! The article is about Jesse’s Useful Dog Tricks and includes a picture of Jesse helping out with the laundry.
Of course I read the article to Jesse. He likes looking at the pictures. =o)
I made sure to pick up extra copies so I can put them in Jesse’s Scrapbook, and hang a copy on our wall in our bedroom.

If you aren’t familiar with Jesse’s Useful Dog Tricks, here is our original video that started it all:
Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Broken Bones Collar Charms

Jesse and I have matching charms thanks to a wonderful company called
Broken Bones Dog Charms are matching charms meant to be worn by a dog and their person. Jesse wears one side of the charm on his collar, and I wear the other half on a necklace, or keychain. When placed together, they make a complete bone and heart One side of the charm has a hand, and the other side has a paw print.
Now if we are ever apart, I will always have a piece of my best friend with me.
These charms are just too cute! They are beautifully made with awesome detail; making them a perfect gift for any dog lover! The Broken Bones charms are lead-free zinc, and can be attached to almost anything with the adorable clamps or necklaces. They are even made in the USA!
The Broken Bones charms are one of the most unique products I have ever seen. They are definitely a keeper!
You can check them out by visiting their Website, or Facebook.
Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~

Thursday, June 19, 2014

CANIDAE's NEW treats and Free Stuff Friday Sweepstakes!

Jesse is a big fan of treats, so naturally he jumped at the chance to review CANIDAE’s new treats!
We had the opportunity to try the CANIDAE Life Stages Bakery Snacks, and the (LINK) CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Heaven Biscuits. Jesse couldn’t wait to see what was in the package when they arrived!
The Canidae Life Stages Bakery Snacks are natural and holistic crunchy biscuits made with Turkey, Quinoa, and Butternut Squash. These treats are made with 7 nutritious ingredients, and come in a crunchy texture that can help keep your pup's teeth clean. There are 40+ treats per bag; making Jesse a very happy pup! He happily gobbled up the treat; licking his lips and asking for more.
The Canidae Grain Free PURE Heaven Biscuits are crunchy biscuits made with Salmon and Sweet Potato. There are 30+ treats per bag, and wholesome ingredients packed into each treat. Each ingredient has beneficial properties and is put in these treats with a purpose. The Quinoa is a great source of protein and packed with nutrients. The Cinnamon is a healing spice, and full of flavor. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil has excellent fats and the added benefit of taste.
I’d say these recipes are perfectly combined because Jesse was a very happy puppy when I gave him one of these! After he ate his treat, he looked at me with those big puppy dog eyes, politely asking for another. Of course I gave him seconds ;o) These treats were also a big hit with my sister’s dogs, Kaine and Lucky. Jesse was nice enough to share with both of them.
Both varieties of treats are oven-baked, with a short list of easy to read ingredients. There are no fillers, by-products, or artificial flavors; making each ingredient count. They are made in the USA with healthy ingredients. Both treats easily snap into two smaller treats; making them easier to use for training or to give to smaller dogs.
Canidae’s products aren’t just limited to biscuits. They also make all natural dry food, wet food, and jerky style treats in a variety of flavors. Jesse loves their grain free canned food stuffed in a Kong. =o)
Interested in trying out some of their products with your dog? You can see all their products and learn more about Canidae by visiting their WebsiteFacebook, and Instagram.
Canidae gives away free stuff every Friday in their weekly sweepstakes! Make sure to check out their Facebook to enter the sweepstakes, and “like” them for other exclusive offers, contests, and giveaways!

Jesse was very happy with these treats! Now he keeps asking me if he can try their other variety of treats and wet food. ;o)

Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jesse gets a PupBox! :3

Jesse and I had the opportunity to review an awesome new product called PupBox. PupBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a box of goodies for your dog, or puppy, right to your front door.
Boy was Jesse excited when his PupBox was delivered!
He intently sniffed the box, and couldn't wait to see what was inside; he knew there was something special just for him~
The unique thing about PupBox is that they are targeted towards puppies.
Each box includes age specific products and training guides for new puppy owners to help them through the wonders and joys of puppyhood.

PupBox has adult boxes too, but we have never seen a box delivery service targeted especially for puppies before; making it all the more exciting to review a box with puppy stages in mind. We were sent a PupBox for 6-month old puppies, so it is only appropriate to include Jesse puppy pictures in our review. =o)
All of the items inside can safely be enjoyed by Jesse, and he doesn’t mind that the box is labeled for puppies, since he is a puppy at heart
Our PupBox came very fast!
When we received the package, I was very impressed with all the contents inside. Looking through the items, I knew Jesse was going to love his goodies.  
"The packaging for the PupBox and logo is super cute!"
Jesse's 6-month old PupBox came with Crumps’ Naturals Liver Treats, Patchwork Octopus Plush, Waggers My Little Wolf Soft Treats, Barkworthies Sausage Roll, NanDog Bone-on-a-Rope Tug Toy, Organic Oscar Lavender Puppy Shampoo, and a card of Training Tips and Information for a 6 Month Old Puppy.
The Crumps' Naturals Liver Treats are 100% baked beef liver. They have a nice crispy texture, and can easily be broken up into small pieces to use as training treats, as well as for anytime treats. They are made in Canada from locally sourced human grade ingredients. There is only one ingredient: Baked Beef Liver; without any additives, artificial colors, or preservatives.
Jesse is a big fan of treats, and I have always loved to pamper him with a variety of tasty treats just for being such a wonderful dog.
He would have loved these treats as a puppy as he does now.
"Nom, nom, nom!"
The Patchwork Octopus plush is made of soft materials and has a big squeaker inside; making it a perfect toy for a Jack Russell Terrier!
Jesse makes it his mission to de-squeak toys (which is why one of his nicknames is Squeaker!) and loves to chase, tug, and de-fluff his plush toys. He never eats the fluff, toy, or squeaker; he just makes sure to remove the small piece that makes the squeaking sound from the squeaker and spits it out. =o)

"Jesse squeaking his plush ball as a puppy; a few minutes away from seeking out the squeaker"
The Waggers My Little Wolf Dog Treats are soft, moist, and grain free treats. We received the Duck flavored recipe. These treats are USA made, grain free, and made without corn or wheat. They are not greasy, making them the perfect soft treat to use on the go, without worrying about making a mess.
When I opened them, Jesse came over and sat on his hind legs; begging for one.
He has done this adorable behavior since he was a baby (some things never change)
He taught himself this trick at 9 weeks old. Jesse has always been a fast learner; understanding what I am saying to him and communicating how he is feeling and what he is thinking to me with his soulful eyes.
The Barkworthies Sausage Roll is an item I have never seen before. We are fans of this company; Jesse loves their bully sticks, junior bullies, and bully flakes. The chew is made of pork sausage and wrapped in pork skin. A yummy double layer treat Jesse couldn’t wait to get his paws on!
Jesse has enjoyed a variety of chewies from the day he came home at 8 weeks old, and is still trying new chews all the time =o)
Depending on the type of chew, Jesse will hold the treat down with his paws and nibble it with his front teeth (other times he will hold the chew with his paws, and chew away with delight).

The NanDog Bone-on-a-Rope Tug Toy is made of a durable rubber bone, attached to a strong rope; making it a perfect tug and toss toy. This toy is great for a 6-month old puppy as it can help exercise their jaws and provide a fun game of tug-of-war.
Jesse is a champion tugger, and has been since he was little. His favorite tug toy as a puppy was a red and white rope toy tied into a ball on the end. He would chase and catch the toy, and hang on with his mighty Jack Russell grip.
"Small but Mighty Jesse playing tug as a puppy"
"Jesse showing how determined Jack Russells are"
Playing tug is still one of our favorite games, and the Bone on a Rope toy is a nice toy that will stand up to our vigorous play!
The Organic Oscar Organic Lavender Puppy Shampoo is made in the USA, and includes no parabens, artificial fragrances, dyes, or petroleum based ingredients. The bottle is uniquely bone shaped; adding to the overall cuteness of the packaging. We are familiar with this company as we have used their Shampoos in the past and really enjoyed the quality of their products.
Jesse is a very good boy, and doesn't mind getting baths. He always feels better being clean; zooming around the house like a white bullet and giving the sweetest kisses while being dried with a towel.
The Puppy formula is made with certified Organic Lavender which has calming properties; helpful for puppy’s first bath time.
The shampoo smells wonderful; leaving Jesse’s coat soft, fluffy, and smelling delicious. The Lavender leaves a nice scent on Jesse, making it extra nice to cuddle up on the sofa together or curling up in bed for a good night's sleep.
The Training Tips and Information card was one of the coolest things about the PupBox. I love learning anything I can about dogs and the lessons we can learn together as a team. The information contained in the PupBox was not only easy to understand, but encourages doggie parents to teach their puppy manners and skills to last a lifetime.

Teaching puppies many useful skills strengthens our relationship and bond with them, and sets the path for a wonderful life together. Jesse and I have been learning from one another from the day we first met; when he was only 3 weeks old.
Puppies are like little sponges; continually learning and exploring their world with eyes of wonder. It is our job as their guardians to educate them and teach them the skills needed to have a wonderful life together.
Teaching using Positive Reinforcement and having a relationship based on trust, mutual understanding, and respect goes a long way in building a beautiful relationship. From day one, Jesse and I have had the relationship of best friend, teacher, and protector. He truly is my Heart Dog, my world, and my soul.
I swear he teaches me more than I could possibly teach him. =o)

The PupBox is by far the most unique delivery service box we have seen.
Jesse and I absolutely loved it!
I wish they had this sort of service when Jesse was a baby.
I know I would have pampered him with his own PupBox every month to celebrate the start of our journey together and to give Jesse something special for all the happiness he brought into my life from the moment he came home.

Stay Happy and Healthy!

~Heather and Jesse~