Friday, June 17, 2016

~Summertime Fun with Jesse~

 Jesse absolutely LOVES Summertime! :D

His favorite activities include playing at the beach, swimming, SUPing (stand up paddle boarding), travelling, eating watermelon, playing at the park, attacking the water hose, and of course doing tricks. :)

Jesse loves learning new things and participating in fun activities;
together as a team ^_^
~With summer only just beginning, we are going to be having many more fun adventures!~
June 20th, 2016 marks The First Day of Summer - The Summer Solstice :)
If you and your pup are going to be spending time outdoors, don't forget to bring water along to stay hydrated~

Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy National Puppy Day! :D

Today is National Puppy Day! 🐶 :D
Just Jesse the Jack's photo.
 I love to look at puppy pictures and videos of Jesse
I can't believe he was ever that small!

Although Jesse is all grown up now, he will always be my perpetual puppy ^_^
Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

Monday, January 25, 2016

~Painting of Jesse by 4 Paws Portraits~

One of my favorite hobbies is collecting Jack Russell Terrier items. Drawings and Paintings are one of my favorite parts of my collection. When the painting is customized as Jesse, I am in heaven!
When I found out about 4 Paws Portraits and saw some of the artist’s work, I couldn’t wait to get one of Jesse! What I love about the artist, Stephanie Sullivan, is that her goal of each painting is to capture the dog’s soul on canvas in unique ways. Not only that, but when a painting is purchased, it helps save lives! 10% of the proceeds go to a no-kill rescue or shelter of your choice. :)
Stephanie was easy to talk to, asking for my input every step of the way. We collaborated together on what type of theme I wanted for the painting, and I sent a picture along of Jesse as a reference for the painting. After picking a theme and picture, Stephanie let me know the timeframe of when it would be done, and then it was up to her to make magic!
When I saw the finished painting of Jesse, I was in love! Stephanie truly did capture Jesse’s soul on a portrait~
I loved the attention to detail throughout the painting. One of my favorite parts was the beautiful eyes that perfectly captured Jesse’s essence, and the awesome anchor stamp with the “est. 2005” next to it. That year is very special to me. ;) (Jesse was born on March 5th, 2005)


I originally put my painting up high on my wall, but decided to move it closer to my bed so that I can see it when I wake up. :) I think Jesse was happy with this choice too!

4 Paws Portraits paints cats too!
In every painting that 4 Paws Portraits creates, Stephanie puts her heart and soul in each customized painting.
If you are interested in checking out Stephanie Sullivan’s work, and are thinking of ordering a painting of your dog or cat, head on over to her Website or her Facebook.

Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

Sunday, January 17, 2016

What happens every Sunday at our House ;)

🎵A cup of coffee in the morning, and I get the paper~🎵 📰
Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Natural Dog Food on a Budget with #NaturesRecipe

This post is #sponsored by Nature’s Recipe® and the BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Nature’s Recipe® available at PetSmart® but, Just Jesse the Jack, only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nature’s Recipe® and PetSmart® are not responsible for the content of this article.

A couple months ago, Jesse and I shared some information about Nature’s Recipe® dog food available at PetSmart. Nature’s Recipe is a natural dog food that is known for making recipes for real life. All of their ingredients are carefully selected for each formula.
If you are thinking about switching your dog to a healthy food, but are worried that grain free dog food costs too much, we recommend checking out Nature’s Recipe at your next visit to PetSmart. Nature’s Recipe is an affordable healthy pet food with high-quality ingredients. At PetSmart, you can get a 15lb bag of Nature's Recipe Life Stage Dry dog food for $27.99 compared to another brand of equal high-quality for $74.99 for 18lbs at another pet food retailer (both being a lamb formula). The wet food cans can also be purchased for $1.59 compared to an equal high-quality wet food can for $3.
Switching from a super market brand to Nature’s Recipe can mean better health for your dog. :) It is a step up in dog food nutrition, without a steep step up in cost; allowing you to go natural, without breaking the bank. For more than thirty years, Nature’s Recipe has been providing ideal nutrition to dogs and cats with their recipes crafted from nature. Each formula contains no artificial colors or preservatives, and is an all natural food with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
The Pure Essentials Limited Ingredient Recipes were our favorite line from the Nature’s Recipe formulas. All of the wet foods in this line are grain free, with real meat being the first ingredient in every package (the protein changed, depending on the recipe).
Jesse enjoyed the Chicken Recipe in broth with sweet potato and green beans. Nature’s Recipe makes sure that every ingredient counts in all of their formulas.

What I really liked about their wet food is that you could actually see the ingredients inside the stew! When I opened up the tray, the food smelt like chicken soup, and I easily recognized the ingredients inside; shredded chicken, green beans, and sweet potatoes, swimming in a delicious nutrition of chicken broth, yum!
Jesse gobbled up the food with delight, licking his lips and looking at me; asking for more. :)
Nature's Recipe has a wide-range of foods to choose from! They are committed to providing nutritionally vibrant recipes for every dog. There are the Life Stages formulas for Puppies , Adult Dogs tailored specifically for a dog’s life stage. The recipes have different flavor choices including grain free chicken, sweet potato, and pumpkin recipe, lamb and rice recipe, chicken and rice recipe, duck and brown rice recipe, lamb and brown rice recipe, chicken and sweet potato recipe, salmon and brown rice recipe, senior lamb and rice recipe in cuts and gravy, and small bites chicken and rice recipe.
"Sounds yummy!"~Jesse
There are also recipes specially designed to support special needs including; Breed Specific, High Protein, Healthy Weight, Healthy Skin, Joint Health, and ones that are Easy to Digest. The recipes have various flavor choices including venison and rice cuts in gravy recipe, venison meal and rice recipe, vegetarian recipe, chicken with sweet potato and pumpkin recipe, lamb with rice and barley recipe, chicken with rice and barley recipe, fish and potato recipe, chicken and lamb meal recipe, and fish and chicken recipe.

Then there are the Premium foods that are packed with high-quality protein, grain free, and perfect for dogs who need a limited ingredient diet. The Grain Free recipes come in dry food, canned wet food, and wet dog food cups with gravy. The flavors include ocean fish and tuna in broth recipe, chicken in broth recipe, lamb in broth recipe, chicken and venison stew recipe, chicken and turkey stew recipe, salmon in broth recipe, chicken and duck in broth recipe, salmon with sweet potato and pumpkin recipe, and chicken with sweet potato and pumpkin recipe.
The Wet Dog Food Cups come in a great selection of flavors to choose from too; with each recipe simmered in broth. The wet dog food cups come in a grain free formula, or is part of the pure essentials limited ingredient recipe, with is also grain free. The flavors include chicken and turkey in broth, chicken in broth recipe, chicken and duck in broth recipe, chicken and wild salmon in broth recipe, duck in broth recipe, salmon in broth recipe, venison in broth recipe, and lamb in broth recipe.
Nature’s Recipe has a food that is sure to fit any dog, and is available at an affordable price at PetSmart. :) There are also yummy Dog Treats available from Nature’s Recipe including biscuits, mini soft treats, crunchy small bones, and soft sticks.
Jesse gives the food he tried two paws up!
Find out more about Nature's Recipe or Follow Nature's Recipe on Facebook to keep updated on their newest recipes or coupons.

Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Complete Dog Grooming with #BayerExpertCare Spot-On Moisturizer

This post is #sponsored by Bayer® ExpertCare™ and the BlogPaws Influencer Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Bayer ExpertCare products but, Just Jesse the Jack, only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Bayer ExpertCare is not responsible for the content of this article.

Last month, Jesse and I shared a post about our experience with the Bayer® ExpertCare™ cleansing wipes. This month, we will be sharing our experience with the Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizer. :)
All of the products in the Bayer ExpertCare line are intended for at-home grooming of dogs and cats; with the spot-on skin moisturizer being specifically formulated for the skin care and hydration of dogs.
My main reason for wanting to try the spot-on skin moisturizer with Jesse is that during the winter, most dogs get dry skin. When the temperatures get lower outside, the humidity drops too (some places have little humidity during the winter months, while others have almost no humidity). This can lead to dry, flaky skin in dogs (this can occur in people too). Dry skin is rarely a problem during the summer (due to the high humidity in the air) which helps moisturize the skin; sort of acting like a lotion. This condition can be known as “winter skin” because it only appears during the wintertime, and can also be aggravated with the heat from the heaters in the house turned up high.
Before hearing about the Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizers, I had never heard of such a product before. I thought it would be interesting to give the product a try, and see if it would help moisturize Jesse’s skin during the winter. Jesse and I found the spot-on skin moisturizer in the Health and Wellness section of PetSmart during our shopping trip.
The Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizer for dogs has many beneficial properties including: helping support hair coat shine, help deodorize the coat, supporting skin hydration, and aiding in maintaining a full, healthy coat. It supports skin hydration because the moisturizer is specifically formulated with essential fatty acids. The product is a quick and convenient application that supports a healthy coat, and coat shine for dogs.
Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizer comes in three different sizes, ranging from small (5-22lbs), and medium (22-45lbs), to large (45-90lbs).
Each individual package came in a 4 pack quick application set. The size range I chose was “small” for dogs ranging from 5-22 pounds.

The spot-on moisturizer was really easy to use on Jesse. All I had to do was snap-off the top of the applicator, gently part the coat between Jesse’s shoulders, and empty the contents directly on his skin. I could apply it to one or two spots (I put the moisturizer on his skin at his shoulders and at the base of his tail). The package of the spot-on moisturizer recommended that I use one of the pipette’s every week on Jesse for two months; then decreasing the frequency to one pipette every two weeks for as long as necessary.

It was also noted, that I should not bathe Jesse two days before or after applying the moisturizer (I wouldn’t want to wash away the ingredients that are there to help hydrate Jesse’s skin and coat). :)
When using the Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizer with Jesse, I did notice an improvement in his skin. I used the product as directed, and it did lessen Jesse’s dry skin during the cold winter months. After three months using the product, along with a regular brushing, Jesse doesn’t have any dry skin from the winter air. The spot-on skin moisturizer helped keep Jesse’s skin hydrated, even with low humidity, and regular brushings helped distribute any natural oils on Jesse’s fur.
We recommend trying out the Bayer ExpertCare spot-on moisturizer if your dog’s skin is looking a little flakey, due to the winter weather, and is in need of some moisturizer. If you want to find out more about the spot-on skin moisturizer, or about any other products in the Bayer ExpertCare line, head on over to PetSmart .

Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~

Friday, December 11, 2015

Celebrating Christmastime with #BLUESantaSnacks

This post is #sponsored by Blue Buffalo and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about BLUE Santa Snacks, but Just Jesse the Jack only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Blue Buffalo is not responsible for the content of this article.

Ever since Jesse was a young pup, we have celebrated Holidays together; with our favorite Holiday to celebrate being Christmas! :D

During the month of December, there are many events around town to enjoy that help get even the grumpiest of Scrooges into the Holiday spirit. :)
Jesse is a major part of the activities we enjoy during Christmastime. He is always right by my side, ready to join in on the fun!
One of the coolest events to check out is the light shows close to us, with many venues having thousands of lights and including a festival to walk around town and enjoy the festivities. Jesse and I have gone to the Glendale Glitters for a couple of years now and have a lot of fun checking out the lights, walking around town to visit the shops with Christmas decorations, and stopping to get some winter drinks. Jesse gets some steamed milk for his winter latte - hold the coffee. ;)
Another fun activity we love, during Christmastime, is that there are many Holiday festivals to participate in. Last weekend, Jesse and I went to the Holiday Pet Festival and celebrated Christmas fun at the all-day event!
We did some Christmas shopping, Jesse ran the lure course four times, and he had a clean run on the agility course!
Before the event, Jesse and I went to a Pet Store to get our annual Christmas photo with Santa. Jesse sat in Santa’s lap, and smiled for the camera. :) We haven’t received the photo yet, but I am sure it will be adorable!
I love getting a picture of Jesse with Santa. Most of the time they are taken at store events at PetSmart, or with a family member dressing up as Santa.
Picking out the Christmas tree wouldn't be fun without Jesse coming along with me! We always go to the tree farm to get our tree. Jesse loves looking around at the trees, sniffing in the pine scent, and watching the farm helper cut the end of the tree off, and load it into our car.
Decorating is also extra fun with Jesse right next to me, ready to lend a helping paw. If I drop an ornament, Jesse will carefully pick it up, and hand it to me so I can put it on the tree. :) I have many personalized Jesse ornaments that adorn the tree including a Christmas frame that has Jesse’s picture in it, a clay mold of his paw print, a Jack Russell ornament with his name, and a figurine I painted in Jesse’s likeness (among others).
Jesse and I also like to create fun, and sometimes educational, Christmas videos for our YouTube Channel. They always help us get excited for Christmas! :D

 Each night of December, Jesse and I like to go for a walk around the neighborhood to check out all of the Christmas lights. There is nothing like walking with a pup, to look at the lights, that gets you in the Christmas spirit. :)
This year, a lot of houses started decorating the day after Thanksgiving.
I love going shopping with Jesse during the Holidays at PetSmart. There is always a great selection of Christmas themed toys, treats, and clothes. I like getting Jesse fun Christmas and winter themed toys and treats for the Holidays.
One of my favorite things to do during Christmastime is get Jesse presents! He loves opening up his presents on Christmas day, and can pick his out from the rest of the gifts.
 For Jesse's 1st Christmas, I had gotten him a really nice red sweater for one of his presents. I think he looked quite handsome in it. :)
Now every year I try to find Jesse a really nice red sweater for Christmas, but hadn’t really had any luck until this year. I found him a really nice sweater recently at PetSmart. The sweater is all red, with some really nice sparkles in it. :) (There will be some Christmas day pictures on Facebook with Jesse in his new sweater).
With Christmastime coming I like making Christmas cards (starring Jesse of course) to send out to friends and family. :) Jesse is always the center of my cards; wearing reindeer antlers, Santa hats, a bow, or posing inside a present. Dressing up is a very fun way for us to celebrate the different Holidays~
It wouldn't be the Holidays without sending out a Christmas card! :D
One of the best ways I can make Christmas special for Jesse is to give him his own special meal for Christmas Dinner. That's where Blue Buffalo™ comes in. :)
BLUE Buffalo makes a SantaStew Holiday Feast wet food that is perfect for Christmastime!
The food is grain-free, healthy, and holistic; made with only whole, tasty, natural ingredients dogs are guaranteed to love. :) Each recipe follows the True Blue Promise; always starts with real turkey, no wheat, corn, soy, or artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.
While most years I home cook Jesse his own doggie safe meal, complete with Christmas themed items, this year I will be giving Jesse his own BLUE SantaStew; mixed with some Yorkshire pudding. The SantaStew has turkey, turkey broth, cranberries, green beans, and sweet potatoes; all of the traditional Holiday Feast items for Jesse to enjoy alongside my meal! Jesse hasn't had this variety of the stew before, but has tried the formulas for different occasions including the BLUE Boo Stew and the BLUE Love You Stew.

Since family will be joining us for Christmas this year, with their four-legged family members, Jesse and I will be giving them their own BLUE SantaStews to celebrate along with us.~

From left to right: Lucky, Jesse, Bella, Kronos, Terra, Lilly & Kaine
For an after dinner snack, I will be giving Jesse some BLUE SantaSnacks and homemade doggie cookies too. :) (Our doggie guests will have their very own goodie bags too~) These treats make excellent stocking stuffers for dogs!
I think it is really awesome to see dog food companies creating special treats and food for various Holidays. I love celebrating with Jesse for every occasion. With cool treats, food, and toys that are Christmas themed, Jesse definitely won't be left out. :)
Are your dogs a part of your Christmas festivities? How are you and your pups going to be celebrating this year? Let us know below in the comments :)
You can learn more about Blue SantaSnacks or Follow Blue Buffalo on Facebook for updates and coupons.
We hope everyone and every pup has a very Merry Christmas this year and a Happy New Year! :D

Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~