Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving & Mighty Dog Commercial

We hope everyone has a terrier-ific Thanksgiving tomorrow, filled with delicious turkey and pumpkin pie!! Don't forget to watch The National Dog Show on NBC, right after the Macy Day Parade. The Mighty Dog Commercial will be airing twice, and Jesse will be in it!! =o) We can't wait to see it on national television!Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving tomorrow, and don't eat too much turkey ;o) ~Heather and Jesse~ Picture of Jesse ~CGC~, a male Jack Russell Terrier


  1. Dang it Heather! I am sick with a chest cold and fell asleep during the dog show! Do you have a copy of the commercial?

    Thanks... give Master Jesse a squeeze from me! Happy Thanksgiving to you both and your families!

    Jordie and Murphy

  2. Hi Jordie and Murphy!,
    I hope you feel better, I hate colds =o( I will tape the commercial and put it up on Jesse's youtube channel. I will give Jesse a hug from you, and we both wish you and your family a terrier-ific Thanksgiving!! =o)

    ~Heather and Jesse~

  3. Hi ! I met you on YouTube, so I came here to see your blog and say hello ! You have a great blog. Have good day.

  4. hi!
    love your youtube channel and found your blog here! wonderful! :O)
    i am from switzerland and have to dogs (i love them sooooo much!). unfortunately my english is so bad :( i hope you can understand wath i am writing ;O)
    will follow you here in future :O)

  5. WOW! Jesse your are just the most talented and smartest dog I have ever seen! I hope my two dogs will grow up just like you!


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