Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mighty Dog Suprise Package!

Jesse received a suprise package from Mighty Dog that included 2 pictures from the photo shoot he did back in April, a DVD that included the audition videos, the Mighty Dog Nation trailer, Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie, and a letter from The Mighty Dog Team. The pictures turned out great; Jesse looks really Mighty in the picture on the rock. ^-^ Here Jesse is with his package: This was such a great suprise, thank you Mighty Dog for sending us the pictures and the DVD!!


  1. Your Mighty Dog pictures turned out great!!! I love them!! Are you going to post them on your Facebook page?
    That was quite a fun surprise package to get! =) (and I love that the DVD has everything already on it- the auditions, behind the scenes, the movie...) What an amazing experience!! =D
    And I am so glad Jaz was one of the winners, so we could have a chance to meet you and Jesse!! =D

  2. These are just great, he is such a doll baby!!

  3. Dear Jesse,
    Wow!! I saw the Mighty Dog Movie on the Website, and it was AWESOME!!!!!! You've done a good job and I know that you will keep on being successful throughout your life! Unlike me, I still have a loooooong way to go!! Do you have any advice to give to other dogs who want to make it big in show business?
    Brewster The Bichon Frise
    P.S. Also, Congrats on your audition for Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2! (Even though that was last October) I auditioned, but didn't get the part. :0( I will keep on looking for more movies to audition for, you're my idol!

  4. This is the first dog I've seen that looks just like our "Jefferson". We've had people come up to us and tell us he is not a Jack as his legs are too short or his coat is too rough. I was so
    happy to see Jesse! They are great dogs and it's nice to see there are others out there that ham it up too. I definitely will have to find out more about this great little dog.


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