Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Virginia Lottery Commercial Featuring Jesse!!

Jesse and I flew out to Richmond, Virginia at the beginning of last month to film a commercial for the Virginia Lottery. The whole experience was amazing, and it was so awesome to work with a wonderful director, production company, and film crew. Jesse and I had so much fun, and are honored to be a part of the commercial. We LOVE how it turned out~ Special Thanks to Big River: SpangTV: & The Virginia Lottery:


  1. Way to go Jesse! Great video. I will have to ask my Grandpa in Virginia if he has seen you on TV yet.

  2. Please let me introduce myself. I am a small but responsible Jack Russell Breeder from the Netherlands andI would love to put Jesse's Christmas from You Tube on my Website this Christmas. Is that OK with you please?

    No need to tell you that we love Jacks too:) We have 4 of them.
    Kind regards,
    van 't Baci

  3. I LOVE this commercial! I live in DC and I first saw this add a few weeks ago- it put me in a great mood all day! Jesse is such a talented and wonderful little fellow:)

  4. Jesse & Heather -- you guys were fantastic!!! We are so glad they had filmed a behind the scenes thing, polished it up and posted it in YouTube, too! Cracked up at the Super Paws, loved Jesse's expressions and excitement, and was thrilled with the final package. Tremendous work from a wonderful team, as always!

  5. Just amazing. Go Jesse! You rock!

  6. Jesse is soooooo adorable! :D I also own a shortie JRT, they are amazing dogs and so intelligent also :D I enjoy watching Jesse and hope to see more of his lovable antics.
    Happy Holidays from Jenae & Bella :D

  7. He's a very cute dog. AND A FAMOUS ONE


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