Friday, June 26, 2015

Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

It's Take Your Dog to Work Day today!
Jesse loves lending a helping paw when I'm working🐾
Though he usually lays under my feet while I'm on the computer, being my muse ;)
There's no better helper than a little Jack Russell Terrier
#BringYourDogToWorkDay #TakeYourDogtoWork #WorkingDog #9to5 #CutestLittleHelper
Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~


  1. I would love to have a helper like Jesse. He would definitely keep me on schedule, and relieve any stress from a long work day. All offices should have a little guy like yours to help out :) Thank you for the laughs and smiles, your posts are my favorite.

  2. Everyone would go to work as quick as they could if they had a helper like you!


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