Thursday, January 7, 2016

Natural Dog Food on a Budget with #NaturesRecipe

This post is #sponsored by Nature’s Recipe® and the BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Nature’s Recipe® available at PetSmart® but, Just Jesse the Jack, only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nature’s Recipe® and PetSmart® are not responsible for the content of this article.

A couple months ago, Jesse and I shared some information about Nature’s Recipe® dog food available at PetSmart. Nature’s Recipe is a natural dog food that is known for making recipes for real life. All of their ingredients are carefully selected for each formula.
If you are thinking about switching your dog to a healthy food, but are worried that grain free dog food costs too much, we recommend checking out Nature’s Recipe at your next visit to PetSmart. Nature’s Recipe is an affordable healthy pet food with high-quality ingredients. At PetSmart, you can get a 15lb bag of Nature's Recipe Life Stage Dry dog food for $27.99 compared to another brand of equal high-quality for $74.99 for 18lbs at another pet food retailer (both being a lamb formula). The wet food cans can also be purchased for $1.59 compared to an equal high-quality wet food can for $3.
Switching from a super market brand to Nature’s Recipe can mean better health for your dog. :) It is a step up in dog food nutrition, without a steep step up in cost; allowing you to go natural, without breaking the bank. For more than thirty years, Nature’s Recipe has been providing ideal nutrition to dogs and cats with their recipes crafted from nature. Each formula contains no artificial colors or preservatives, and is an all natural food with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
The Pure Essentials Limited Ingredient Recipes were our favorite line from the Nature’s Recipe formulas. All of the wet foods in this line are grain free, with real meat being the first ingredient in every package (the protein changed, depending on the recipe).
Jesse enjoyed the Chicken Recipe in broth with sweet potato and green beans. Nature’s Recipe makes sure that every ingredient counts in all of their formulas.

What I really liked about their wet food is that you could actually see the ingredients inside the stew! When I opened up the tray, the food smelt like chicken soup, and I easily recognized the ingredients inside; shredded chicken, green beans, and sweet potatoes, swimming in a delicious nutrition of chicken broth, yum!
Jesse gobbled up the food with delight, licking his lips and looking at me; asking for more. :)
Nature's Recipe has a wide-range of foods to choose from! They are committed to providing nutritionally vibrant recipes for every dog. There are the Life Stages formulas for Puppies , Adult Dogs tailored specifically for a dog’s life stage. The recipes have different flavor choices including grain free chicken, sweet potato, and pumpkin recipe, lamb and rice recipe, chicken and rice recipe, duck and brown rice recipe, lamb and brown rice recipe, chicken and sweet potato recipe, salmon and brown rice recipe, senior lamb and rice recipe in cuts and gravy, and small bites chicken and rice recipe.
"Sounds yummy!"~Jesse
There are also recipes specially designed to support special needs including; Breed Specific, High Protein, Healthy Weight, Healthy Skin, Joint Health, and ones that are Easy to Digest. The recipes have various flavor choices including venison and rice cuts in gravy recipe, venison meal and rice recipe, vegetarian recipe, chicken with sweet potato and pumpkin recipe, lamb with rice and barley recipe, chicken with rice and barley recipe, fish and potato recipe, chicken and lamb meal recipe, and fish and chicken recipe.

Then there are the Premium foods that are packed with high-quality protein, grain free, and perfect for dogs who need a limited ingredient diet. The Grain Free recipes come in dry food, canned wet food, and wet dog food cups with gravy. The flavors include ocean fish and tuna in broth recipe, chicken in broth recipe, lamb in broth recipe, chicken and venison stew recipe, chicken and turkey stew recipe, salmon in broth recipe, chicken and duck in broth recipe, salmon with sweet potato and pumpkin recipe, and chicken with sweet potato and pumpkin recipe.
The Wet Dog Food Cups come in a great selection of flavors to choose from too; with each recipe simmered in broth. The wet dog food cups come in a grain free formula, or is part of the pure essentials limited ingredient recipe, with is also grain free. The flavors include chicken and turkey in broth, chicken in broth recipe, chicken and duck in broth recipe, chicken and wild salmon in broth recipe, duck in broth recipe, salmon in broth recipe, venison in broth recipe, and lamb in broth recipe.
Nature’s Recipe has a food that is sure to fit any dog, and is available at an affordable price at PetSmart. :) There are also yummy Dog Treats available from Nature’s Recipe including biscuits, mini soft treats, crunchy small bones, and soft sticks.
Jesse gives the food he tried two paws up!
Find out more about Nature's Recipe or Follow Nature's Recipe on Facebook to keep updated on their newest recipes or coupons.

Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~


  1. Very informative post Jesse! I will be getting this food the next time I go to the store with my dogs.

  2. Susan M. Brichetto-SmithJanuary 14, 2016 at 7:45 PM

    I know we've tried some of these treats products. Thanks to this info, will look more carefully for them & others next trip to PetSmart. :-)

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