Monday, January 25, 2016

~Painting of Jesse by 4 Paws Portraits~

One of my favorite hobbies is collecting Jack Russell Terrier items. Drawings and Paintings are one of my favorite parts of my collection. When the painting is customized as Jesse, I am in heaven!
When I found out about 4 Paws Portraits and saw some of the artist’s work, I couldn’t wait to get one of Jesse! What I love about the artist, Stephanie Sullivan, is that her goal of each painting is to capture the dog’s soul on canvas in unique ways. Not only that, but when a painting is purchased, it helps save lives! 10% of the proceeds go to a no-kill rescue or shelter of your choice. :)
Stephanie was easy to talk to, asking for my input every step of the way. We collaborated together on what type of theme I wanted for the painting, and I sent a picture along of Jesse as a reference for the painting. After picking a theme and picture, Stephanie let me know the timeframe of when it would be done, and then it was up to her to make magic!
When I saw the finished painting of Jesse, I was in love! Stephanie truly did capture Jesse’s soul on a portrait~
I loved the attention to detail throughout the painting. One of my favorite parts was the beautiful eyes that perfectly captured Jesse’s essence, and the awesome anchor stamp with the “est. 2005” next to it. That year is very special to me. ;) (Jesse was born on March 5th, 2005)


I originally put my painting up high on my wall, but decided to move it closer to my bed so that I can see it when I wake up. :) I think Jesse was happy with this choice too!

4 Paws Portraits paints cats too!
In every painting that 4 Paws Portraits creates, Stephanie puts her heart and soul in each customized painting.
If you are interested in checking out Stephanie Sullivan’s work, and are thinking of ordering a painting of your dog or cat, head on over to her Website or her Facebook.

Stay Happy and Healthy,
~Heather and Jesse~

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  1. Jesse is beatiful!
    Thanks for sharing Jesse's portrait -:)


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