Friday, November 30, 2012

And the Winner is...

The Winner of Jesse's "My Best Friend's Got Personality" Video Contest is...
Doris the Jack Russell Terrier!
Doris will receive a Zippy Paws Prize Pack consisting of Zippy Caterpillar, Squeakie Buddie- Moose, and Brainey Frog!

We had so many wonderful entries, and even though we couldn't pick them all to win, we did decide to create 2nd and 3rd place winners. =o)

2nd Place winner goes to...

Bilbo the Papillon!
Bilbo will receive a Zippy Paws Prize Pack consisting of Slipper Nest- Bee, and Squeakie Buddie- Walrus!


3rd Place winner goes to...

Hero the Border Collie!
Hero will receive a Zippy Paws Prize Pack consisting of Chewy Whirly Rope, and Squeakie Buddie- Bear!
CONGRATULATIONS to Doris, Bilbo, and Hero!

You all did a great job on your videos; we enjoyed watching them and seeing your pup's awesome personalities =o)

See more Doris
See more Bilbo
See more Hero


  1. Congratulations to all the winners, what a cool contest :)

  2. @justjesse197 u did amazing in the video contest i think u should of won i love the jack russell terrier its an amazing breed your dog is number one on the top charts i love how smart jesse is with the handstands and the jump rope jumping it is so amazing!!! i use to have two jack russell terriers named patch and whiskers and they look just like jesse the jack russell terrier, your videos r amazing i hope u create more soon i love jack russells there a part of my life

  3. i love jesse the jack russell terrier with all those amazing tricks and adorable eyes he is so smart best dog ever i used to have two jack russells i love them so much and your dog jesse reminds me of them i hope i get to see more videos on youtube @justjesse197


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