Thursday, November 15, 2012

"My Best Friend's Got Personality" Video Contest

***Jesse is holding his first ever video contest!***

From now until November 22nd, 2012 you can enter your dog in Jesse's
"My Best Friend's Got Personality" Video Contest
The Grand Prize Winner will receive a Prize Pack from ZippyPaws! 
Are you and your pup ready? Below are the entry requirements and contest rules.

Judging Criteria of video:
  • Creativity
  • Entertainment Value
  • Expression/Happiness of the dog

Rules to the Contest:
  • To be eligible for the contest, your entry needs to be posted as a video response to Jesse's Contest Video on YouTube
  • Video must be a minimum of 30 seconds to 2 minutes maximum in length.
  • While tricks are allowed in the video, this is not a trick contest (we will be holding one of those later) We want to see your dog's personality! =o)
  • Entry must not have been previously entered into or won a contest before.
  • Please only buckle, martingale, or harness on the dog in video (or dog can wear nothing at all)
  • Dog must not be put in dangerous situations for video
  • Music allowed
  • Have fun with your best friend while making the entry!
*Get your camera, and your dog ready for Jesse's first ever video contest!*
~Judges for this contest will be announced in another blog entry~


  1. You can enter as many dogs as you would like (as long as each one is yours of course) =o)

  2. I'm from Brazil, can I attend this contest?

  3. Yes, you don't have to be in the US to enter =o)

  4. this is buddy he's my baby loves to swim.

  5. Hi Teresa,
    Buddy is adorable =o) Would you mind putting the video as a response to the contest video to be eligible to win?

  6. Hey JustJesse197! I am glad you thought of the pets’ safety by including in the rules not putting the dogs in dangerous situations. The other rules are very precise, making a clear point of what are needed from the participants. This contest was due on November 22, 2012. How did it go? And I am curious who won the contest.

    >Felix Stendahl


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