Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to get your Dog into Frisbee

Disc Dog is a fun sport where handler and dog put together a routine including jumps in the air, vaults off of the handler's back, and flashy freestyle moves; all with Frisbees!!
Playing Frisbee with your dog is an awesome way to bond, have fun, and burn of some energy. There is nothing cooler than to see your best friend smiling and content after a wonderful Frisbee session.

So, how do you teach your dog how to catch a Frisbee? Check out our How to video below, and read some of our tips to find out how. Frisbee tips 1. Rollers!!- Rollers are an excellent way to get your dog interested in the Frisbee!! If your dog can chase and catch a ball out of midair, then they can definitely learn how to catch a Frisbee. When doing rollers, you roll the disc out on its side. This motion excites your dog's prey drive, and they will take off after it! Not only do rollers get your dog interested in the Frisbee, but it also teaches them how to properly grasp the Frisbee.

2. Get it!!- After getting your dog interested in the Frisbee by doing rollers, you can now teach your dog how to take the Frisbee from your hands. Hold it at your dog's nose level, and encourage your dog to get it. Once they take it, let them know how proud you are of them. After they are successfully getting the Frisbee at nose level, start to raise it higher, and slowly bring it down while encouraging your dog to get it. This sets up your dog to catch the Frisbee in a safe manner as it is flying down. Repeat this step until your dog is successfully going for the Frisbee.
3. Run away Frisbee!!- If your dog doesn't seem too interested in the Frisbee, don't worry, there are many games to help build their drive. Tie the Frisbee to a lead, or rope, and run away from your dog. You can also have someone else hold your dog while you run away with the disc on a lead while encouraging your dog to come get you. Once they start getting excited, have your helper let them go, and run with the disc on a lead. This is kind of like practicing for lure coursing. If these two techniques don't work (or if you still want to play more fun games with your dog) you can play "Fire!!" Jesse absolutely loves this game! For this game you need 2 people, 2 Frisbees or more, and your dog (We play with 2 people, and 2 dogs, the dogs want to get the Frisbee more when they realize the other dog wants it, but don't play with 2 dogs if they don't know each other well). Have the people stand a few feet away from each other (you can add distance once you get the hang of it). Throw the Frisbee to the other person, and have them catch it. Do this a couple of turns. If you aren't good at catching the Frisbee, that's okay, this is an advantage for your dog. Let your dog get the Frisbee when playing, it will keep them very interested (If you are good at catching, pretend to miss, while trying desperately to get the Frisbee. Your dog will try and race you to get the Frisbee before you do!!) Make sure to have fun!
4. Short distance throws!!- Now that your dog is really interested in the Frisbee, you can start doing short distance throws (kinda like tosses). Have your dog come around (go around your body position), then toss the disc out in front of them while encouraging them to get it!! Remember, it is key to throw it in their running path. Even if they go for it and miss, tell them how proud you are of them!! They did great!!!! Don't get discouraged, you will only discourage your dog, just practice a bit more, and you will have a Frisbee dog in no time!! Soon, your dog will start to look back over their shoulder at you to see where you are going to be throwing the Frisbee. I am so proud of my little disc dog, Jesse =o)

Your time is the best gift you can give your dog, so go out there and have FUN!!


  1. This video is AWESOME:)!!! Heather, you did an incredible job with your first tutorial. The video is informational, interesting, beautifully edited and professional. Kaine had so much fun playing the “FIRE!” game!

    The information and pictures on your blog are great too:)!

  2. =] excellent video you two! I can't tell you just how proud of you both i really am...but once maddy gets out here with me I'll totally be teching her this =]

  3. This was an amazing instructional video! We learned so much for watching it - thank you for all your efforts in sharing this knowledge with the rest of the world. It was very engaging, organized, and filmed well. Great job all around!


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