Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mighty Dog Newspaper AD/Coupon!

Today Jesse appeared in the Sunday Paper for an Advertisement/Coupon for Mighty Dog!! Here is my Mighty little man smiling with the Ad: Back in April we did a Photo Shoot with Mighty Dog, and Jesse did such a fantastic job! He got to do a ton of different Mighty poses, and had such a blast greeting all of the camera people and photographer. The Ad will be running in the Sunday papers, so keep your eyes out for Jesse =o) He truly is a Mighty Dog!


  1. YAY Jesse!!!! (: I saw you on TV!

  2. oh so cute!! I hope you're keeping a scrapbook of all Jesse's achievements! =)
    Now people really will be asking you if Jesse is the dog on the can of Mighty Dog!

  3. Ahh! Awesome! Congrates Jesse, you are sooo photogenic.


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