Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October BarkBox ~Happy Halloween!~

It's that time again: Bark Box time! Jesse and I grabbed our leash, poop bag, and mailbox key; then headed off to the mailbox~

The crisp Autumn air makes for a beautiful walk and some playtime at the park. I brought Jesse's favorite pink racquet ball with us; taking a pup stop for a game of fetch with my little man.
Usually racquet balls only last a play session, but this one has been with us since 2009; when we bought it in New York City when we appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman's "Stupid Pet Tricks" segment.
I have still yet to find a racquet ball as good as this one =o)
After collecting our Bark Box from the mail, we were both excited to see what was in this month's box!
Jess helped me open it (he always loves opening up his packages).
The October Bark Box included a Chevron bear, Mutt Meatball Mix, Baker's Best Treats, a Fruitables share pack, and Lamb ears.
The first item was a chevron bear from Pet Qwerks. I can tell this toy will be able to stand up to play sessions and still be soft enough to snuggle. The bear is made of a durable material that would be easy to clean if it gets dirty.
The next item was a Fruitables share pack; the perfect treats for giving out on Halloween! I had never seen this idea done before, and was very impressed with how cute the individual packets were.
Jesse would be the perfect door man to hand out treats to the canine trick-or-treaters. =o) (He has had some practice from last year's Halloween where he gave out Nylabone goodies to his doggie pals)
We usually make our own homemade doggie party favors for special events, but will definitely look into Fruitables for next Halloween too.
The third item was Lamb ears from Superior Farms. At first glance it looked like one ear, but upon further investigation there were two packed into one.
Lamb ears are one of Jesse's favorite chews. He will carry them around when I give them to him, and find the perfect spot before setting down to eat his chewie.
 Lamb ears are also good for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies. They are lower in fat than pig ears, and just as yummy with their airy, crunchy texture.

The fourth item was a bag of Autumn Harvest Treats from Baker's Best.
I am always looking for unique treats that are both delicious and healthy for Jesse, and these treats were a hit! Being made with pumpkin and cranberry, these are perfect for Fall. Jesse loved these treats, and gladly offered cute tricks for more. =o)
"Oh no, I've been hit!"
The last item was a Mutt Meatball Mix made by Your Dog's Dinner. This was by far Jesse's absolute favorite item from the BarkBox this month!
To make our very own Mutt Meatballs, we needed to collect a few ingredients:
~1 egg
~1 lb of Meat (we chose Beef)
~1 Package of Mutt Meatballs Mix
"Beef, Egg & Meatball Mix-CHECK!"
We put all the ingredients in a bowl, then mixed them together really well.
"Stirred, what's next?"
Then we made them into little teaspoon sized balls, and spaced them apart on a cooking sheet.
"All ready for the oven!"
We cooked them for 30mins in the oven. Jesse knew these special treats were for him; he stayed near the oven while they were cooking.
Once they were cooked and cooled; Jesse couldn't wait to try one! Boy did these smell delicious! Jesse gobbled one up, and licked his lips; gazing at me with his soulful eyes asking for more! (He might of got seconds-or thirds ;o) ) 
I'd say the October BarkBox was a big hit! Jesse sure is a Fan =o)
You can find purchase a BarkBox for your dog, or find out more by going to their Official Website.
~~~Happy Halloween!~~~~
Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~


  1. Oh my lawd! You are a chef Jesse!
    -Your Dog's Diner

  2. Sounds like it was a very yummy BarkBox Jesse! Great photos and Halloween pic too :) Those meatballs look absolutely delish! ^.^


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