Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Complete Dog Grooming with #BayerExpertCare Spot-On Moisturizer

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Last month, Jesse and I shared a post about our experience with the Bayer® ExpertCare™ cleansing wipes. This month, we will be sharing our experience with the Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizer. :)
All of the products in the Bayer ExpertCare line are intended for at-home grooming of dogs and cats; with the spot-on skin moisturizer being specifically formulated for the skin care and hydration of dogs.
My main reason for wanting to try the spot-on skin moisturizer with Jesse is that during the winter, most dogs get dry skin. When the temperatures get lower outside, the humidity drops too (some places have little humidity during the winter months, while others have almost no humidity). This can lead to dry, flaky skin in dogs (this can occur in people too). Dry skin is rarely a problem during the summer (due to the high humidity in the air) which helps moisturize the skin; sort of acting like a lotion. This condition can be known as “winter skin” because it only appears during the wintertime, and can also be aggravated with the heat from the heaters in the house turned up high.
Before hearing about the Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizers, I had never heard of such a product before. I thought it would be interesting to give the product a try, and see if it would help moisturize Jesse’s skin during the winter. Jesse and I found the spot-on skin moisturizer in the Health and Wellness section of PetSmart during our shopping trip.
The Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizer for dogs has many beneficial properties including: helping support hair coat shine, help deodorize the coat, supporting skin hydration, and aiding in maintaining a full, healthy coat. It supports skin hydration because the moisturizer is specifically formulated with essential fatty acids. The product is a quick and convenient application that supports a healthy coat, and coat shine for dogs.
Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizer comes in three different sizes, ranging from small (5-22lbs), and medium (22-45lbs), to large (45-90lbs).
Each individual package came in a 4 pack quick application set. The size range I chose was “small” for dogs ranging from 5-22 pounds.

The spot-on moisturizer was really easy to use on Jesse. All I had to do was snap-off the top of the applicator, gently part the coat between Jesse’s shoulders, and empty the contents directly on his skin. I could apply it to one or two spots (I put the moisturizer on his skin at his shoulders and at the base of his tail). The package of the spot-on moisturizer recommended that I use one of the pipette’s every week on Jesse for two months; then decreasing the frequency to one pipette every two weeks for as long as necessary.

It was also noted, that I should not bathe Jesse two days before or after applying the moisturizer (I wouldn’t want to wash away the ingredients that are there to help hydrate Jesse’s skin and coat). :)
When using the Bayer ExpertCare spot-on skin moisturizer with Jesse, I did notice an improvement in his skin. I used the product as directed, and it did lessen Jesse’s dry skin during the cold winter months. After three months using the product, along with a regular brushing, Jesse doesn’t have any dry skin from the winter air. The spot-on skin moisturizer helped keep Jesse’s skin hydrated, even with low humidity, and regular brushings helped distribute any natural oils on Jesse’s fur.
We recommend trying out the Bayer ExpertCare spot-on moisturizer if your dog’s skin is looking a little flakey, due to the winter weather, and is in need of some moisturizer. If you want to find out more about the spot-on skin moisturizer, or about any other products in the Bayer ExpertCare line, head on over to PetSmart .

Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~


  1. Excellent :-) Will have to try this, never heard about there product before

  2. Your dog is adorable. We use this treatment on our dog's skin and have had a lot of success over the past several weeks.

  3. Go Jesse and Mom! You two are great. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts!

  4. I will try those products on my dog!!! Jesse, you sure will be soft and huggable !!!

  5. Susan Brichetto-SmithJanuary 6, 2016 at 7:29 PM

    Thanks for sharing this info - will definitely check out this entire line of products. Our Midwestern winters are rough - for both human & canine skin!

  6. I have never heard of such a thing. You have been teaching me so many new and exciting things ever since I found you blog. Awesome


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