Thursday, December 3, 2015

On-the-Go Dog Grooming with #BayerExpertCare Cleansing Wipes

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Last month we shared a blog post about At Home Dog Grooming with Bayer® ExpertCare™. We shared our experience with the ExpertCare Grooming Oatmeal Shampoo.
Jesse looked, smelled, and felt clean after getting a bath with the shampoo. I was really impressed with the oatmeal shampoo, and looked forward to trying out the Bayer ExpertCare Skin Cleansing wipes for skin care with Jesse.
The Bayer ExpertCare line offers quality care products intended for at home grooming of dogs and cats. This line is available exclusively at PetSmart. Jesse and I found the ExpertCare Skin Cleansing Wipes in the Health and Wellness section of the store.
The ExpertCare skin cleansing wipes are specially formulated to cleanse dog's skin. I really liked that the wipes were big enough to wipe down all of Jesse's coat, and if I needed them for smaller areas (like his feet), I just cut them in half with scissors.
A great feature of the skin cleansing wipes is that they are pocket size; making them the perfect size for travel, fitting in a small compartment of a suitcase or backpack. They also fit easily into my pocket when I took them with me on our walk (the wipes would be perfect to take along for a hike in the mountains too).
After returning home from our walk, all I had to do was wipe Jesse’s feet with the wipes, and he was clean again. No more dust on his fur from the desert. :)

Being a Jack Russell Terrier, Jesse loves digging and playing in the mud!

I don’t think the wipes would work easily when Jesse takes a full-body mud bath, but that’s why we have the ExpertCare oatmeal shampoo on hand. :)
The wipes also came in handy for when Jesse and I go on set for print ads, or commercial work. They were used for last minute touch-ups before going on the white backdrop for a photo shoot recently. Having a clean dog on set is very important. Photographers, the client, and our agent look for a dog who not only looks nice, but smells nice too. This was not a problem since I always give Jesse a bath the night before shoots and carry along doggie cleaning wipes in my training bag to use when needed.
~Jesse on PetSmart's Holiday In-store Signage~
With Jesse’s fur being white, I really like having cleansing wipes in my dog bag for when they are needed. Dust shows up easily on his fur and giving him a last minute wipe down before going to a friend’s house, or before coming back in the house is a nice way to keep Jesse cleaner, longer. To keep Jesse fresh between baths, the cleansing wipes are a great item to have on hand. I don’t have to bathe him as often to keep him clean. :) The ExpertCare skin wipes have a tea tree oil smell to them; allowing the scent to stay on a dog’s fur for quite a while.

If you are looking for a handy way to keep your dog clean on-the-go, we recommend giving doggie wipes a try. They are easy to grab, use, and put away for future use. Each bag is alcohol-free and resealable, allowing the wipes inside not to dry out.
We will be sharing our experience with the ExpertCare Spot-on Skin Moisturizer for dogs next month. We waited to share about this product because I wanted to have used it with Jesse for a while to see results, before writing a post about the Spot-on skin moisturizer without having much on hand experience. :)

Stay Happy and Healthy!
~Heather and Jesse~


  1. That stuff works!! I love the last picture of you Jesse
    Lily & Edward

  2. Yes yes! This will come in handy : -)

  3. Those are some dirty paws lolol - we need these wipes. So cute.

  4. Love you Jess. Cute idea, you are the best doggie model and actor EVER!

  5. Susan Brichetto-SmithDecember 20, 2015 at 7:40 PM

    We have & love these - reach for them a few times each week (though it depends on weather; for example, more often if raining). And with winter's colder weather approaching, when we spread out full baths a bit more - am glad to have these on hand for in between.

  6. Jesse, you really need the wipes to stay fresh! So you will look handsome all the time!!!

  7. Those wipes work pretty darn good
    Lily& Edward


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